Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Perl System Test (PEST) Harness

First release on Sourceforge!

Perl System Test (PEST) is a test harness, written in Perl, for running processes on a distributed testbed via SSH. Test processes are defined in a simple config file for execution on remote hosts, enabling a tester to run tests serially or in parallel. Processes are as non-blocking and un-buffered as possible. The harness redirects process output to an individual log for each process and logs process metadata. It captures the return code of each remote process and interprets 0 as pass and everything else as fail, enabling it to run tests written in any language. The harness depends on a standard testbed descriptor configuration file to facilitate portability across testbeds.

PEST is the culmination of over a decade of test automation experience, designed by drawing on background with companies like NetApp, Dell, and HP.  Its requirements are the synthesis of all that is good about the automation technologies with which I've worked and none of the bad.

PEST is simple, yet powerful.  Anybody can control complex distributed systems with zero programming knowledge.

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More information to come...

Todd Shoenfelt

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